I was inspired to write this blog post while I was in Tulum, Mexico at the end of February with my partner, Mark and his family.

This was the first beach vacation EVER that I can remember where I wasn’t constantly worried about being close to a washroom! Yes, I miss being able to wear a bikini but the more comfortable I get with having an ileostomy, the more I am grateful for all the freedom it has brought into my life! Who knows maybe next year I will try a bikini again? I even enjoyed boogie boarding while on vacation. I may need to change my pouch system more often because of all the water activities I engage in, but it is so worth it!

When I think back to some of the highlights from this trip a few really special moments stand out, and when I recall what the overriding feeling was during those moments, it was pure JOY! How did I achieve this, well I asked my inner critic to take a vacation and gave my inner child permission to come out and dance in the glorious sunshine!

Here are some of the ways…

Played Frisbee on the beach and in the waves, I stopped worrying about “not doing it right” and instead enjoyed leaping and diving into the water to catch each throw.

Riding cruiser bikes up and down the beach road brought back memories of being young, out having fun, on summer adventures.

Sunshine and two wheels

Skipping along the beach at sunset! I am a HUGE fan of skipping because it is the best way to travel! Not only is it guaranteed to put a smile on your face, it is fast when you pump your arms and really launch off the ground with each leg and when you find your flow it is super easy fun! Great cardio workout too! This was last summer skipping at a vineyard on Hornby Island with Megan and Aaron.

Winery skipping leads to wedgie 😉

Building sandcastles and allowing your creative childlike creativity to surface. Last year on Hornby Island we had ridiculous amounts of fun building a sand fortress on the beach with a moat, lake and crab family on a boat. Check out our creation…

Sandcastle building on Hornby Island

Here is a picture of Mark and his niece Mazzi’s building sandcastles on the beach in Tulum.

iphone2014_2ndtransfer 027


We played carnival games in the local town square. After winning a bubble wand, I had so much fun blowing bubbles for Mazzi and watching her face light up as she danced and chased them.



Exploring different cenotes, which are underground caves, in the Yucutan peninsula with fresh aqua blue water. We went snorkeling in one that brought me back to dreams of exploring mermaid and dolphin worlds. In another, we were able to jump and dive from a 10m tower into the water…what a rush!

Cliff jumping in a cenote in Coba

I am choosing to bring this sense of adventure and play with me back into my daily life here in Vancouver. There were so many years when I was sick and didn’t have the energy so maybe I am making up for lost time? If there is an opportunity to skip and it brings me joy, why not? Would your inner child would love a vacation from the “seriousness business of being an adult?” If it feels ridiculous and silly then it is probably going to lead to lots of smiles and laughter, therefore, a GREAT idea!

Breathe into your heart and remember the joy that resides there, come out and play, bring this wonder into every single day…I dare you!