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Ko Phi Phi

We said goodbye to the Colorado boys and I caught a boat to Ko Phi Phi with Jesse and Cheyenne. The sun came out and the trip was spectacular, we passed many exquisite looking islands with white sand beaches, the only ones that I can remember the name to are Turtle and Chicken Islands (because they resemble these animals). […]

Rai Leh Beach

I love the synchronicity of the Universe, as I was leaving Bangkok, I clearly stated that I wanted to meet some like minded, fun, young travellers to journey with, and ended up sitting on the plane next to two of them! Andy and Paulo are two brothers from Colorado who had just finished 3 months trekking in Nepal. We […]

Karaoke at Fairyland

So I have decided to take part in a bit of a social experiment, after realizing recently how much could change in my life in one year (ie. a year ago I was laying in a hospital bed and could barely make it to the bathroom and now I am hiking 15km a day across the Great Wall.) I […]