We spent three nights in Phi Phi before traveling by boat and bus to get to Ko Phangan. We came with the masses from the Adamenan sea over to Siam sea and the island of Ko Phangan. We arrived the day before summer solstice and three days before the full moon party on Had Rin beach. The plan was for Jesse and Cheyenne to join me at The Sanctuary on Had Tien beach (15 min by longboat from the craziness) for a chill out day before they headed back to Had Rin where they had booked a hostel for 4 days over the full moon. We managed to get an amazing deal on a house here, beautiful space with outdoor shower, built around these huge granite boulders, literally there is a 2 m boulder in the living room. Being able to stay in the Rainbow House at The Sanctuary truly felt like another amazing gift from the Universe! This place is amazing with incredible vegetarian food, yoga and mediation. The architecture is completely intertwined with nature and it feels like I am living in a jungle tree house. My favourite moment today was swimming out to the dock and lounging in the hammock out there. The sway of the dock, along with the hammock, took me into dreamland, and when I awoke and looked down there were hundreds of fish in the turquoise water below me.  I have met some amazing people here and I completely understand why people come for a little vacation and never leave, there is a real warmth and community feel here!

I ended up avoiding the Full Moon Party and enjoying the magic and serenity of The Sanctuary which is about 15 min away from the crazy party. I opted for star gazing under the rustling palms. My heart is feeling very full from all my incredible adventures in Asia!