We said goodbye to the Colorado boys and I caught a boat to Ko Phi Phi with Jesse and Cheyenne. The sun came out and the trip was spectacular, we passed many exquisite looking islands with white sand beaches, the only ones that I can remember the name to are Turtle and Chicken Islands (because they resemble these animals). The vibe on Phi Phi was quite a contrast again from Rai Leh, much busier and it felt like this is where people came to party. We booked into some bungalows that were basically right on the beach. The guy who booked our accommodation casually mentioned that this was the busier end of the beach. We were in fact right between the two busiest night clubs! Every night the beach was filled with the sent of kerosene from all the fire spinners, eyes entranced with neon lights, and ears at capacity with the pumping dance music from competing sounds systems. It was a sight to see, and kinda reminded me a bit of Burning Man without all the fun costumes!

My craziest experience here was a day trip out to the National Park on Ko Phi Phi Leh. This was my second long tail boat experience and by far the scarier of the two. We were all completely drenched when we arrived, like we had stood in a shower for 5 minutes on full blast. Also, we pulled into this little cove and were told we had to jump in and swim to the mess of ropes and a rickety staircase that led up onto the island and from here we would walk to Maya Beach. Navigating the ropes and staircase would have been no problem except the huge swells that were coming in and crashing against the rocks where the staircase was. Of course there weren’t enough life jackets for everyone, and a few people weren’t very good swimmers, so I imagine it was quite terrifying! We all made it onto the island after several people getting smashed into the rocks by 1.5 m waves. After a 5 min trek through the jungle, we steeped out onto Maya Beach and the effort it took to get here made it all seem worth it! From my experience, the exquisite beauty of the white sand and turquoise water in this bay was similar to Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia. I guess that is why they picked this location to film the movie, The Beach, with Leonardo Di Caprio. I remember watching the film many years ago and then again our first night on Ko Phi Phi and it was super exciting to experience this exquisite natural beauty firsthand. I found a secluded piece of beach and just sat in a state of gratitude and appreciation. The sun was out and I was in paradise….just me, myself and I…my three favourite companions these days!