Not sure if we lucked out with the weather this week or not? We have had manageable temperatures (for that I am grateful) but no sunshine, either.  The view changes from completely socked in a grey fog to some green hills peaking through the mist. At times it feels as though we are in a dream, walking along this ancient crumbling wall, often not seeing any other people all day. Kinda feels like we are in Lord of the Rings on some epic adventure, to where, I am not sure?

Today was one of those days where we did see others along the wall, in fact we had some local women farmers join us as we started up the 1400 stairs to the wall. They continued on with us for a good part of the day, reminding us to be careful on the steep parts, even offering their hands to hold as we navigated difficult parts.
It was impressive how far they tagged along in the hopes of selling a bracelet or some postcards. Eventually, they lost interest when they realized we were not the tourist types they were hoping for, and it was doubtful we would be buying anything. Today we hiked to Jinshaling lodge which is a government run place. It was nicer than Impression Inn which didn’t make a huge impression on anyone except, the girls, with their non-functioning toilet. It was nice to arrive early enough to spend a couple hours hanging out and sharing some laughs over beer and Pringles.