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Super Moon in Ko Phangan

We spent three nights in Phi Phi before traveling by boat and bus to get to Ko Phangan. We came with the masses from the Adamenan sea over to Siam sea and the island of Ko Phangan. We arrived the day before summer solstice and three days before the full moon party on Had Rin beach. The plan was […]

Ko Phi Phi

We said goodbye to the Colorado boys and I caught a boat to Ko Phi Phi with Jesse and Cheyenne. The sun came out and the trip was spectacular, we passed many exquisite looking islands with white sand beaches, the only ones that I can remember the name to are Turtle and Chicken Islands (because they resemble these animals). […]

Rai Leh Beach

I love the synchronicity of the Universe, as I was leaving Bangkok, I clearly stated that I wanted to meet some like minded, fun, young travellers to journey with, and ended up sitting on the plane next to two of them! Andy and Paulo are two brothers from Colorado who had just finished 3 months trekking in Nepal. We […]

One Night in Bangkok

Bangkok was a bit of a culture shock from what i had been experiencing in China, amazing that can happen between two countries in south east Asia?! I arrived late and didn’t get dropped off by the taxi close to my hotel until 1:30am, prime party time on Khaosan Road! I had to walk a couple blocks with my […]

Xi’an and The Terracotta Warriors

Marc and I said goodbye to the rest of the IBD Adventures team and enjoyed an extra day in Beijing before heading the the train station for our overnight trip to Xi’an. We walked around the lake in the old part of town and were quite surprised to see people bathing in it? Seriously, it looked like they were […]

Beijing Night Market and The Forbidden City

Our last night in Beijing we went to the night market and watched Marc and Betty Anne munch on fried scorpions. The smell of this market was intense and I barely managed to keep down my dinner. There was an indescribable stench, I think it might be some kinda fermented tofu they eat. That along with the deep fried […]

Mutianyu Section and final day on The Wall

Here is where we trekked over the last week…you need super sight powers to read it but I wanted to include it anyway!

I kept hoping that we were going to have one day with sunshine while hiking the wall but no such luck. The last day was actually the stormiest of them all with high winds and rain. Today […]

Karaoke at Fairyland

So I have decided to take part in a bit of a social experiment, after realizing recently how much could change in my life in one year (ie. a year ago I was laying in a hospital bed and could barely make it to the bathroom and now I am hiking 15km a day across the Great Wall.) I […]

Gubeikou Gateway

Today was my second favourite trekking day! It started with Chinese pancakes for breakfast and lunch, a nice change from the white Wonder bread sandwiches with processed cheese. The fog lifted a bit and the views along the ancient wall were spectacular, we also had some variety in the scenery. We had a chance to get off the wall […]

Jinshanling Section of the Wall

Not sure if we lucked out with the weather this week or not? We have had manageable temperatures (for that I am grateful) but no sunshine, either.  The view changes from completely socked in a grey fog to some green hills peaking through the mist. At times it feels as though we are in a dream, walking along this […]